Having not visited this restaurant

Having not visited this restaurant for a number of years we were really looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere and food now the restaurant has been extended. How disappointed we were with the experience and most noteably with the service. We had to correct the waitress on the orders for every course, we were not offered any additional drinks or liquers, were given the bill despite not having asked for it and told to leave (not politely asked)on the stroke of 9.30, which appears to have occured to other reviewers.

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We turned on the television

We turned on the television. Moqtada al Sadr had called on his followers to ‘terrorize your enemies.’ The Ukrainians had abandoned the city without a word of warning to us and the province appeared to have simply collapsed. For a moment I felt absolutely paralyzed.

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For a pair of sunglasses that

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In February of this year

In February of this year, the bar added 20 new tap handles featuring local microbrews. “We wanted to move away from the typical West Side sports bar and do something fun and different,” says co owner Pete Vasiliou. The local brews include selections from Blank Slate, MadTree, Rhinegeist, Christian Moerlein, Rivertown and Mt.

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It’s about more than baseball

It’s about more than baseball in Milwaukee. It’s amazing how tailgating is, in some ways, just as important as the game itself. If not more. Just now someone has sent me a chain e mail in the form of something called a Nepali Good Luck Tantra Totem: You will receive good luck within four days of relaying this tantra totem. Send copies to people you think need good luck. Don’t send money as fate has no price.” Superstition in cyberspace..

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Emmy Favillais a Brooklyn native

Emmy Favillais a Brooklyn native who currently lives in Queens with her cat, dog, and two rabbits (and boyfriend). Prior to BuzzFeed, she was copy chief at Teen Vogue and had a handful of writing and editing stints in the magazine world. Emmy is a proponent of the serial comma, active in local animal rescue efforts, and the proud owner of a tattoo of the copyediting symbol for the em dash..

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