Mastectomy Tattoo – Floral Design

Hi All,

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and tattooing a client who had undergone partial mastectomy surgery and wanted a tattoo over the scarring. She wrote to me to thank me for my work. It was a pleasure.

Maestomy Tattoo - Kim Bale Tattoo Dublin


Maestomy Tattoo - Kim Bale Tattoo Dublin


“I met Kim at the Dublin Tattoo Show in the Helix in summer 2015 and talked to her about covering up my mastectomy scarring. She was really positive and went with my ideas, drawing up a gorgeous design exactly to the brief. The sessions were tough due to the after effects of surgery, but Kim was so encouraging and I am thrilled with the results. The scars and dents are so well hidden and have given me my confidence back. Kim is amazing ,I am lucky to have found a true artist and am proud to be showing off her work!” Lesley¬†

Thanks again, if you would like to talk or need advice about tattoos over scarring of any kind please contact me on the contact page – KB